The importance of Hannukah surely derived from the importance of the Temple for ancient Jews. In fact, the hope that it would be rebuilt was reflected in the images on the floor of every ancient synagogue in the Land of Israel, along with Jewish burial sites from the same period.

Sepphoris Synagogue, 5th Century CE:

Sepphoris Synagogue

Hammat Tiberias, Synagogue Menorah, 4th – 5th Century CE:

Hammat Tiberias Synagogue Menorah

 Chancel Screen with Menorah, Synagogue of Hammat Gader, 5th – 6th Century CE:

Chancel Screen

Bronze Menorah from En Gedi Synagogue, 6th Century CE:

Bronze Menorah

Basalt Synagogue Column Capital from Israel, 4th – 5th Century CE. George Blumenthal Collection:

Basalt Synagogue Column

Hammat Tiberias Synagogue Menorah, 4th – 5th Century CE: